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X-Ray Optics and Instrumentation ISSN: 1687-7632
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Full Text: 2008 - present
X-ray Structure Analysis Online ISSN: 1883-3578
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Full Text: 2009 - 2011
X-RAYS ISSN: 1884-5568
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Full Text: 1940 - 1956 (v1 i1 - v9 i1 )
Xenobiotica ISSN: 0049-8254
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Full Text: 1997-01-01 - 12 months ago
Original research and reviews covering xenobiochemistry, pharmacokinetics and metabolism and pharmacogenetics
Xenotransplantation ISSN: 0908-665X
Full Text: 1998 - present
Xenotransplantation which is published quarterly will provide its readership with rapid communication of new findings in the field of organ and tissue transplantation across species barriers. Unsolicited contributions of full length and brief communications dealing with both basic and applied studies in this field will be considered for publication pending scientific review to assure high quality. In addition review articles of timely subjects will be solicited by the editors.


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