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Administrative Theory & Praxis (Administrative Theory & Praxis) ISSN: 1084-1806
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Full Text: 2000-03-01 - 2008-12-01
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Full Text: 2009-03-01 - 6 months ago
Administrative Theory & Praxis is a leading quarterly journal of critical, normative, and theoretical dialogue in public administration. As the journal of the Public Administration Theory Network, its purpose is to advance knowledge and stimulate new thought in public administration. ATP seeks innovative, rigorous scholarship that critically examines emerging and enduring topics in public administration theory; explores the intersection of public administration and broader social, economic, cultural, political, and historical issues; introduces to the field new theories, frameworks, and literatures that illuminate matters of public administration; develops challenging, thought-provoking normative, ethical, and philosophical arguments about the field; or otherwise seeks to explore and possibly transcend the limits of existing public administration theory and practice. ATP is open to a wide-range of research methodologies and approaches that evidence these sensibilities. We encourage communication with the editors about possible manuscripts, symposia, book reviews, or dialogue and commentary.
Ágora ISSN: 1516-1498
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Full Text: 2004 - present
When the Psychoanalytic Theory Program at UFRJ developed the project to launch a Journal connected to it, its objective was to respond to a demand from its scientific community, which had only limited sources to its specific subjects, in terms of publications as well as reading material. The Ágora - studies in psychoanalytic theory Journal started to take a unique place in the divulging of knowledge, taking its place beyond the institutional confrontations and staying away from any personal specificities from the majoring area of psychoanalytic societies. Its proposal was pioneer in the area, building itself as a discussion forum for research about the themes and most relevant problems at the contemporary Psychoanalysis, thus trying to place the reader in contact with the latest productions in this area. Besides that, it made possible the effective psychoanalytic intervention in many fields, opening doors to other Psychology sub areas and other alike areas such as Sociology, Anthropology, Epistemology, Ethics and Linguistic. It offered an open space to a pluralist debate, respecting the diversities in tendencies that integrate the different fields of knowledge that the Journal covers. Ágora - studies in psychoanalytic theory is considered, in the academic circle as well as in the national and international psychoanalytic community, an Excellency in Journal. This can be observed by looking at the growing number of international researchers that look into publishing their articles and/or conferences in our Journal's issues. The demand has been growing each year, and we try to keep it up with it taking in consideration the necessity of evaluation criteria.
Analyses of Social Issues & Public Policy ISSN: 1529-7489
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Full Text: 2001-12-01 - 12 months ago
Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP) is an electronic journal sponsored by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). The journal is an outlet for timely and innovative psychological and related social science scholarship with implications for social action and policy. ASAP provides a forum for publishing new work as well as discussion on alternative approaches to a variety of important and current social problems. Encouraging timely publication of well-written peer-reviewed work ASAP facilitates communication between social science researchers and policy makers as well as with the public as a whole. Articles will communicate with a broad spectrum of interested individuals as well as with the social science community. Articles will be published electronically as soon as they are accepted for publication. At the end of each year a print version will be made available to all institutions that subscribe to the Journal of Social Issues. ASAP is not a thematic journal. Submissions in any content area related to the goals of SPSSI will be considered. They will be evaluated in terms of scholarly excellence as well as their relevance to social problems social action and policy. ASAP has an internationally respected Editorial Board with expertise in both social science research and the application of that research to real world issues.
Applied Cognitive Psychology ISSN: 0888-4080
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Full Text: 1987-01-01 - 12 months ago
Applied Cognitive Psychology seeks to publish the best papers dealing with psychological analyses of memory learning thinking problem solving language and consciousness as they occur in the real world. Applied Cognitive Psychology will publish papers on a wide variety of issues and from diverse theoretical perspectives. The journal focusses on studies of human performance and basic cognitive skills in everyday environments including but not restricted to studies of eyewitness memory autobiographical memory spatial cognition skill training expertise and skilled behaviour. Articles will normally combine realistic investigations of real world events with appropriate theoretical analyses and proper appraisal of practical implications. While empirical research remains the primary focus of the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology also publishes theoretical articles reviews and surveys. Applied Cognitive Psychology is the official journal of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (SARMAC). The aim of the Society is to promote the communication of applied research in memory and cognition within and between the applied and basic research communities. Kathy Pezdek is the Editor representing SARMAC elected by the Governing Board of the Society. All manuscripts originating in North America should be sent to Kathy Pezdek. Manuscripts originating in Australasia should be sent to the Australasian Editor Mel Pipe. Manuscripts from the rest of the world should be sent to the Founding Editor Graham Davies.
Australian Psychologist ISSN: 0005-0067
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Full Text: 2003-03-01 - 12 months ago
Australian Psychologist is the official applied practice and public policy journal of the Australian Psychological Society. As such, the journal solicits articles covering current issues in psychology, the science and practice of psychology, and psychology’s contribution to public policy, with particular emphasis on the Australian context.
British Journal of Health Psychology ISSN: 1359-107X
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Full Text: 2001-02-01 - 12 months ago
The aim of the British Journal of Health Psychology is to provide a forum for high quality research relating to health and illness. The scope of the Journal includes all areas of Health Psychology across the life span, ranging from experimental and clinical research on aetiology and the management of acute and chronic illness, responses to ill-health, screening and medical procedures, to research on health behaviour and psychological aspects of prevention. Research carried out at the individual, group and community levels is welcome, and submissions concerning clinical applications and interventions are particularly encouraged.
Clinical Child & Family Psychology Review ISSN: 1096-4037
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Full Text: 1998-03-01 - 12 months ago
This quarterly peer-reviewed journal is the new vehicle for topics and issues covered in the prestigious book series Advances in Clinical Child Psychology . Led by the series editors the journal will continue to identify important and new developments and provide in-depth reviews on current thought and practices. Providing an international interdisciplinary forum Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review publishes original research reviews conceptual and theoretical papers and related work in the broad area of the behavioral sciences that pertains to infants children adolescents and families. Contributions originate from a wide array of disciplines including but not limited to psychology (clinical community developmental family school) medicine (family practice pediatrics psychiatry) public health social work and education. Topical content includes science and application and covers facets of etiology assessment description treatment/intervention prevention methodology and public policy. Contributions are by invitation only. The Editors in consultation with the Editorial Board invite highly qualified experts to contribute original papers on topics of timely interest and significance. Although solicited all manuscripts are peer-reviewed and edited. Suggestions for topics and potential authors are welcome.
Communal / Plural: Journal of Transnational & Crosscultural Studies ISSN: 1320-7873
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Full Text: 1998-04-01 - 2001-10-01
On the brink of the twenty-first century it has become clear that our global and cultural future will depend on our increasing capacity and willingness to live with difference, heterogeneity and flux. Intensifying cross-border flows of people, money, images, ideas and objects are reconfiguring long-established communities (especially those related to the geopolitical entity of the nation), at some points eroding, at other points redefining their identities and boundaries. This international journal will focus on the changing cultural identities, social relations and political conflicts in an increasingly transnational, plural and diverse intercommunal world. The journal engages actively with these shifts and transformations as they pertain to the troubled rise of Asian capitalism and to the emergence of supra-national configurations such as the Asia Pacific and ëthe new Europeí, the politicisation of new forms of racial, ethnic and religious difference in different parts of the world, and the role of new communication and other technologies in forging cosmopolitan and deterritorialised identities and communities, on the one hand, and generating nostalgic fundamentalisms on the other. This journal takes interdisciplinarity seriously and welcomes contributions from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology and sociology, political economy, history, geography, critical psychology, media and communication studies, art and literary studies, postcolonial studies and cultural studies. Discontinued in 2001.
Current Psychology Letters/Behaviour, Brain & Cognition ISSN: 1376-2095
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Full Text: 2003 - present
Current psychology letters publie des contributions dans tous les domaines de la psychologie cognitive expérimentale, incluant la psychologie cognitive, la psycholinguistique, les neurosciences cognitives, la cognition sociale, le développement cognitif, la neuropsychologie cognitive et la cognition comparative. La revue présente des résultats originaux qu’il est opportun de mettre rapidement à la disposition de la communauté scientifique. Current psychology letters publishes contributions in all fields of cognitive experimental psychology, including cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, cognitive neurosciences, social cognition, cognitive development, cognitive neuropsychology and comparative cognition. The journal presents original results, which it is expedient to make rapidly accessible to the scientific community.
E-Journal of Applied Psychology ISSN: 1832-7931
available from Swinburne University of Technology go Find title
Full Text: 2005 - present
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Full Text: 2005 - 2011 (v1 i1 - v7 i1 )
The E-Journal of Applied Psychology (E-JAP) is a web-based international outlet for original research articles which apply psychological theories to clinical and social issues. E-JAP has two sections. Papers published in the Clinical Section of E-JAP will generally focus on the prevention of psychological disorders, the promotion of psychological health, effective adaptation of adults and children to life problems, and the evaluation of therapeutic interventions in the areas of counselling, clinical, developmental and health psychology. Papers published in the Social Section of E-JAP will generally focus on individuals and groups in social contexts such as family, work, or community settings. Articles may address aspects of interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, organisational health, and political or cultural issues from the perspectives of community, organisational and social psychology. E-JAP will publish original quantitative and qualitative research, case studies and review papers. Contributions may include experimental and survey research, theoretical and methodological reviews, individual case studies, and descriptions of new clinical treatment methods. The journal will also publish short reports, commentaries and letters to the editor.
Ecological Psychology ISSN: 1040-7413
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Full Text: 1989-03-01 - 12 months ago
This unique journal publishes original articles that contribute to the understanding of psychological and behavioral processes as they occur within the ecological constraints of animal-environment systems. It focuses on problems of perception, action, cognition, communication, learning, development, and evolution in all species, to the extent that those problems derive from a consideration of whole animal-environment systems, rather than animals or their environments in isolation from each other. Significant contributions may come from such diverse fields as human experimental psychology, developmental/social psychology, animal behavior, human factors, fine arts, communication, computer science, philosophy, physical education and therapy, speech and hearing, and vision research.
Food & Foodways: History & Culture of Human Nourishment ISSN: 0740-9710
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Full Text: 2000-07-01 - 12 months ago
Food and Foodways is a refereed, interdisciplinary, and international journal devoted to publishing original scholarly articles on the history and culture of human nourishment. By reflecting on the role food plays in human relations, this unique journal explores the powerful but often subtle ways in which food has shaped, and shapes, our lives socially, economically, politically, mentally, nutritionally, and morally. Because food is a pervasive social phenomenon, it cannot be approached by any one discipline. We encourage articles that engage dialogue, debate, and exchange across disciplines. Food and Foodways publishes work by anthropologists, biologists, economists, ethnobotanists, historians, literary critics, nutritionists, psychologists, sociologists, and others who use food as a lens of analysis. We also seek review essays or short topical pieces that are provocative and problematic in nature.
The Gerontologist ISSN: 0016-9013
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Full Text: 1961-03-01 - present (v1 i1 - )
The Gerontologist is a bimonthly journal (first issue in February) of The Gerontological Society of America that provides a multidisciplinary perspective on human aging through the publication of research and analysis in gerontology, including social policy, program development, and service delivery. It reflects and informs the broad community of disciplines and professions involved in understanding the aging process and providing service to older people. Articles, including those in applied research, should report concepts and research findings, with implications for policy or practice. Contributions from social and psychological sciences, biomedical and health sciences, political science and public policy, economics, education, law, and the humanities are welcome. Brief descriptions of innovative practices and programs are appropriate in the Practice Concepts section.
Human-Computer Interaction ISSN: 0737-0024
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Full Text: 1985-03-01 - 12 months ago
An interdisciplinary journal reporting on and helping to define the issues that challenge researchers in a rapidly growing field, Human-Computer Interaction publishes theoretical, empirical, and methodological articles on user psychology and computer system design as it affects the user. Combining research in cognitive science, computer science, and psychology, this journal profiles new advances in the field and points out directions for future research. Seeking to foster a scientific understanding of the behavior of computer users programmers and nonprogrammers, experts and novices with an emphasis on the cognitive aspects, the journal focuses beyond the individual users to explore the social and organizational contexts of user communities.
International Journal of Aviation Psychology ISSN: 1050-8414
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Full Text: 1991-01-01 - 12 months ago
The primary goal of this journal is the publication of scholarly papers developed within this increasingly important field of study the development and management of safe, effective aviation systems from the standpoint of the human operators. Four divergent academic disciplines contribute heavily to its contents, making it truly interdisciplinary in nature and scope. These fields are engineering and computer science, psychology, education, and physiology.
Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis ISSN: 1539-8714
available from Reysen Group go Find title
Full Text: 2002 - present
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Full Text: 2003-12-01 - present
In the past other journals and reviewers have exhibited a bias against articles that did not reject the null hypothesis. We seek to change that by offering an outlet for experiments that do not reach the traditional significance levels (p < .05). Thus, reducing the file drawer problem, and reducing the bias in psychological literature. Without such a resource researchers could be wasting their time examining empirical questions that have already been examined. We collect these articles and provide them to the scientific community free of cost.
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology ISSN: 1052-9284
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Full Text: 1991-04-01 - 12 months ago
The Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology will review and report concepts methods and experience relating to individual and social behaviour in the context of community problems. The journal will be international in scope reflecting the common concerns of community practitioners and researchers in Europe and worldwide. Emphasis will be given to: Innovative concepts and interventions Evaluation of methods and experience The promotion of well being and social justice Dialogue between researchers practitioners and lay members of the community. The content of the journal will include: Research papers which report quantitative and qualitative studies (or applications of case study methods) Review articles which survey theoretical developments or topics of major interest Innovations in practice brief reports by practitioners which describe interesting new developments and interventions Communications and commentary or informal accounts of new ideas initiatives or interventions in progress and commentaries on social legal medical educational or administrative developments from the community psychology perspective. Book and other media reviews Calendar of events conferences relevant to Community & Applied Social Psychology Debates and commentaries arising from the research and review articles will be warmly welcomed and encouraged and published as part of that section of the Journal. Contributions are invited on all aspects of Community & Applied Social Psychology including the psycho-social aspects of: Mental & Physical Health * Stress * Addictions * AIDS * Crime Police and Legal Processes in the Community * Deviance & Delinquency * Family Problems & Care * Social Competence Deprivation Poverty Homelessness * Organization of Treatment Environments * Health Education & Social Services * Community Care Community Centres & Programmes * Voluntary & Informal Care & Community Action * Professional Issues for Psychologists & Community Practitioners.
Journal of Community Psychology ISSN: 0090-4392
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Full Text: 1989-01-01 - 12 months ago
The Journal of Community Psychology is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal devoted to research evaluation assessment and intervention and review articles that deal with human behavior in community settings. Articles of interest include descriptions and evaluations of service programs and projects studies of youth parenting and family development methodology and design for work in the community the interaction of groups in the larger community and criminals and corrections.
Journal of Counseling & Development ISSN: 0748-9633
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Full Text: 1984-09-01 - present
The Journal of Counseling & Development (JCD) is the quarterly flagship journal of the American Counseling Association. JCD publishes articles that have broad interest for a readership composed mostly of counselors and other mental health professionals who work in private practice, schools, colleges, community agencies, hospitals, and government.
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