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American Journal of Psychotherapy ISSN: 0002-9564
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Full Text: 1975-01-01 - present
Founded in 1939, the American Journal of Psychotherapy (AJP) has long been a leader in the publication of eclectic articles for all psychotherapists. Transtheoretic in reach (offering information for psychotherapists across all theoretical foundations), the goal of AJP is to present an overview of the psychotherapies, subsuming a host of schools, techniques, and psychological modalities within the larger domain of clinical practice under broad themes including dynamic, behavioral, spiritual, and experiential. The Journal offers varying viewpoints on the "who, when, why, and how" of psychotherapy. The Journal also serves as a conceptual bridge using the developmental process to reconcile major psychotherapeutic paradigms of the past and present. It is the intent of the Editor-in-Chief to have the Journal's audience extend to the entire therapeutic community of practitioners and their patients. The American Journal of Psychotherapy is published four (4) times per year:
Attachment & Human Development ISSN: 1461-6734
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Full Text: 2000-04-01 - 12 months ago
Attachment & Human Development provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of scientific theories about emotional and cognitive development, internal representations and social processes. The journal addresses the growing demand from the domains of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and related disciplines including nursing and social work, for a clear presentation of ideas, methods and research based on attachment theory.
British Journal of Guidance & Counselling ISSN: 0306-9885
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Full Text: 1991-01-01 - 12 months ago
British Journal of Guidance & Counselling is the leading forum for debate between academics, trainers and practitioners in the field, publishing high-quality, international contributions in the following areas: the theory and practice of guidance and counselling the provision of guidance and counselling services training and professional issues Theoretical and empirical studies relating to the practice of guidance and counselling are reported, drawing on a variety of disciplines, encompassing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and ranging in scope from large-scale surveys to individual case-studies. The journal also explores the links between various areas of guidance and counselling and their relationship to such cognate fields as education, psychotherapy and social work. In addition to regular papers, the journal features special articles under the headings 'A Personal View', 'Interview', 'In Practice' and 'Debate', along with book reviews and frequent Symposia focusing on areas of particular interest. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling is published on behalf of the Careers Research and Advisory Centre.
British Journal of Medical Psychology ISSN: 0007-1129
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Full Text: 2001-03-01 - 2001-12-01
Discontinued. Continued by Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (1476-0835). Publishes papers with a traditional orientation towards psychodynamic issues. Whilst maintaining a broad theoretical base and insisting upon sound and sensible methodology. Topics include: subjective psychological states and dispositions, interpersonal attitudes, behaviour, relationships and psychotherapy. The Journal is introducing a special section on Counselling Psychology.
Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic ISSN: 0025-9284
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Full Text: 1990-01-01 - present
The Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic offers a psychodynamic perspective on the application of theory and research in outpatient psychotherapy, hospital treatment, education, and other areas of interest to mental health professionals. This widely indexed, peer-reviewed journal has been published since 1936 by the Menninger Clinic, a nonprofit international mental health center. Occasional topical issues focus on critical subjects, providing an in-depth look at complex treatment dilemmas. Recent topics issues have covered assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders in the elderly, integrating outcome measurement with clinical practice, and treatment of anxiety disorders.
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry ISSN: 0706-7437
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Full Text: 1999-02-01 - present
Established in 1956, The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry is the flagship publication of the CPA. Published 12 times a year, The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry includes peer-reviewed scientific articles on ongoing developments in Canadian and international psychiatry. Regular features include In Review, written by world leaders in psychiatric research; In Debate, which presents the pros and cons of controversial subjects; Original Research; Review Papers; Book Reviews; and Letters to the Editor, all of which contribute to scholarly debate and are published in either English or French. Supplements examine current research topics of special interest.
Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy ISSN: 1063-3995
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Full Text: 1993-11-01 - 12 months ago
Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy aims to keep clinical psychologists and psychotherapists up to date with new developments in their fields. The Journal will provide an integrative impetus both between theory and practice and between different orientations within clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy will be a forum in which practitioners can present their wealth of expertise and innovations in order to make these available to a wider audience. Equally the Journal will contain reports from researchers who want to address a larger clinical audience with clinically relevant issues and clinically valid research. This is a journal for those who want to inform and be informed about the challenging field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ISSN: 1650-6073
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Full Text: 2002-03-01 - 12 months ago
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a peer reviewed, multidisciplinary journal devoted to the application of behavioural and cognitive sciences to clinical psychology and psychotherapy. It covers clinical and health psychology, psychopathology, behavioural medicine, as well as assessment, treatment, and theoretical issues pertinent to behavioural, cognitive, and combined cognitive behavioural therapies. The aim is to publish high quality and state-of-the-art scientific articles within this broad scope. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy publishes experimental and other empirical studies, theoretical articles, review articles, case studies, brief reports and book reviews. In order to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians, it also publishes articles which describe in detail how to conduct a particular analysis or treatment. The journal is published in collaboration with the Swedish Association for Behaviour Therapy. Formerly Scandinavian Journal of Behaviour Therapy.
Consciousness & Emotion ISSN: 1566-5836
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Full Text: 2003-01-01 - 2003-07-01
Consciousness & Emotion publishes original work on the topic, in philosophy, psychology and the neurosciences. The journal emphasizes thoughtful analysis of the implications of both empirical and experiential (e.g., clinical psychological) approaches to emotion. It will include articles by scientists who are interested in the implications of their empirical findings for an understanding of emotion and consciousness and their interrelations. C&E is intended as a meeting-place where new information about brain mechanisms can be directly applied to such problems and issues as the following: conceptualizations of emotion, motivation, and other affective states, consciousness and the brain, the relation of emotion to the sense of self and agency, objects and aims of emotion vs. triggers of emotion, emotion and rational thought, deficits in emotional experience, the role of emotion in the self-organization mechanisms of the brain, the role of emotion in perception, emotion and mental imagery, emotion as a bridge between the mental and the physical, psychotherapeutic contributions to understanding emotion, emotion and psychological theories of personality, motivation and behavior, reconciling phenomenological and empirical approaches to emotion and consciousness.
Counselling & Psychotherapy Research ISSN: 1473-3145
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Full Text: 2004-07-01 - 12 months ago
Counselling and Psychotherapy Research (CPR) is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to connecting research with practice. Pluralist in orientation, the journal recognizes the value of qualitative, quantitative and mixed method strategies of inquiry within psychotherapy and counselling research. It seeks to be relevant both to a core disciplinary constituency and also a broader interdisciplinary readership.
CPJ: Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal ISSN: 1474-5372
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Full Text: 2004-03-01 - 2005-07-01
Depression & Anxiety (1091-4269) ISSN: 1091-4269
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Full Text: 1996-05-01 - 12 months ago
Depression and Anxiety welcomes original research and synthetic review articles covering molecular genetic biopsychosocial neurochemical neuropsychological physiological behavioral sociological psychodynamic psychotherapeutic cognitive and pharmacotherapeutic aspects of mood and anxiety disorders and related phenomena in humans and animals. The journal publishes full-length Research Papers Topical Reviews Brief Reports Book Reports Clinical Case Studies and Letters. Contributions are grouped and published by topic.
European Eating Disorders Review ISSN: 1072-4133
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Full Text: 1993-05-01 - 12 months ago
European Eating Disorders Review publishes authoritative and accessible articles from all over the world which review or report original research that has implications for the treatment and care of people with eating disorders and articles which report innovations and experience in the clinical management of eating disorders. The journal focuses on implications for best practice in diagnosis and treatment (rather than on research methodology). The journal also provides a forum for discussion of the causes and prevention of eating disorders and related health policy. The aims of the journal are to offer a channel of communication between researchers practitioners administrators and policymakers who need to report and understand developments in the field of eating disorders. The journal Reports on useful research and experience related to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders in primary care and hospital settings. Provides information about 'good practice'. Offers a forum for new thinking about the nature incidence diagnosis and clinical management of eating disorders and in particular anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Provides information about events training policy and publications relating to eating disorders. Researchers practitioners and trainees in clinical and health psychology psychiatry nursing medicine (including General Practice) psychotherapy and counselling are invited to contribute and to read the journal regularly by personal subscription or in their institution library. Subscription details are printed in each issue on the reverse of the Contents page. Professional Membership of the EATING DISORDERS ASSOCIATION includes a personal subscription to the journal.
European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling & Health ISSN: 1364-2537
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Full Text: 1998-04-01 - 2005-12-01
The European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling is a leading peer reviewed publication which aims to stimulate and inform debate and provide linkages throughout Europe and internationally within the expanding field of psychotherapy and counselling. The journal raises important questions in terms of European and international practice, theory and research for psychotherapy and counselling practitioners, related professionals, students and academics.
Family Process ISSN: 0014-7370
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Full Text: 2000-03-01 - present
Family Process is an international, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing original articles, including theory and practice, philosophical underpinnings, qualitative and quantitative clinical research, and training in couple and family therapy, family interaction, and family relationships with networks and larger systems.
German Journal of Psychiatry ISSN: 1433-1055
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Full Text: 1998 - present
The German Journal of Psychiatry is an online journal that covers all fields of psychiatry. Downloading of articles is free. All articles are published in English.
Healthcare Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal ISSN: 1475-0724
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Full Text: 2004-04-01 - present
International Journal of Action Methods ISSN: 1096-7680
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Full Text: 1997-03-01 - 2002-02-28
Discontinued in 2002. Continued by Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry (1545-3855).
International Journal of Psychotherapy ISSN: 1356-9082
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Full Text: 1996-06-01 - 2003-12-31
International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP) is the official journal and flagship of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), which was formed in 1990. The principles of the EAP and of the journal are laid down in the EAP's Strasbourg Declaration (see below). The journal will be a major cross-orientational vehicle, contributing to the wider debate about the future of psychotherapy and reflecting the internal dialogue within European psychotherapy and its wider relations with the rest of the world. This new concept combines internal and external relevance, addressing cross-orientational issues and striking a balance between inclusiveness and differentiation, with no hidden bias towards either integration or differentiation. Papers are invited that will be characteristically psychotherapeutic or relevant to psychotherapy, embodying the spirit of psychotherapy's autonomous uniqueness, regardless of orientation. IJP will publish articles which make connections or comparisons between different themes relevant to psychotherapy, for example between psychotherapy and its social, scientific, political, cultural and religious contexts; between clinical practice and its wider setting; or any significant connections or comparison that facilitates its development, differentiation and inclusiveness. IJP is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and welcomes contributions which address issues such as ethnicity, gender, age, culture, disability, sexual orientation, religious and political persuasion, and social and economic status. "The Strasbourg Declaration" "Psychotherapy is an independent scientific discipline, the practice of which amounts to an independent and free profession. Training in psychotherapy takes place at an advanced, qualified, and scientific level. The multiplicity of methods in psychotherapy is assured and guaranteed. In a process of psychotherapy, training is carried out in full and includes theory, self-experience and practice under supervision. Adequate knowledge is gained of further processes of psychotherapy. Access to training is through various preliminary qualifications, in particular in human and social sciences.".
Journal of Child Psychotherapy ISSN: 0075-417X
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Full Text: 1998-04-01 - 12 months ago
The Journal of Child Psychotherapy is the official journal of the Association of Child Psychotherapists, first published in 1963. It is an essential publication for all those with an interest in the theory and practice of psychoanalytic work with infants, children, adolescents and their parents where there are emotional and psychological problems. The Journal is concerned with a wide spectrum of emotional and behavioural disorders. These range from the more severe conditions of autism, anorexia, depression and the traumas of emotional, physical and sexual abuse to problems such as bed wetting and soiling, eating difficulties and sleep disturbance.
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