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Lex et Scientia ISSN: 1583-039X
available from Nicolae Titulescu University go Find title
Full Text: 2006 - present
LESIJ is an international journal intended to fill the present need for the dissemination of new information, ideas and method, to both practitioners and academicians in the juridical sciences area. LESIJ provides analysis and commentary on all areas of the law and also economics, sociology, IT. LESIJ offers an international platform for cross-border legal research and not only. In the first place, this concerns research in which the boundaries of the classic branches of the law (private law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, European and public international law) are crossed and connections are made between these areas of the law, amongst others from a comparative law perspective. The journal aims to offer room for contributions not only by established researchers, but also and especially wishes to offer to young researchers access to the field of international legal research. LESIJ is designed to encourage interest in all matters relating to law, with an emphasis on matters of theory and on broad issues arising from the relationship of law to other disciplines. LESIJ provides practitioners, judges, professors, and law students with cogent analyses of important topics in the law.
Lex Humana ISSN: 2175-0947
available from Universidade Católica de Petrópolis go Find title
Full Text: 2009 - present
Em comemoração aos 40 anos do Núcleo de Prática Jurídica do Centro de Ciências Jurídicas, a Universidade Católica de Petrópolis lança a sua mais nova Revista de Direito, Lex Humana. Lex Humana é um veículo de divulgação da pesquisa e da produção acadêmica e científica na área jurídica, com publicação semestral. Consagra-se de modo especial a publicar artigos inéditos de autores pertencentes a programas de Pós-Graduação em Direito.
Lexicometrica ISSN: 1773-0570
available from André Salem, Serge Fleury go Find title
Full Text: 1997 - present

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