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Journal of Reproductive & Infant Psychology ISSN: 0264-6838
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Full Text: 1996-07-01 - 12 months ago
The Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology was begun by the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology in 1983, and is now the major source of published material on the psychological aspects of human reproduction. The Journal reports and reviews outstanding research on psychological, behavioural, medical and social aspects of human reproduction, pregnancy and infancy. Topics covered include: sexuality; fertility and infertility; menstruation and the menopause; pregnancy and childbirth; antenatal preparation; motherhood and fatherhood; neonatology and early infancy; infant feeding; early parent-child relationships; postnatal psychological disturbance and psychiatric illness; obstetrics and gynaecology; andrology and midwifery. Regular special issues are devoted to major topical areas and have included highly successful collections on infertility, early child maltreatment, breast-feeding, pregnancy, child-care, miscarriage and the menopause. Special Issues 1987 Volume 5, Number 3 Breastfeeding; Edited by P. Wright 1988 Volume 6, Number 3 Early Child Maltreatment; Edited by K. Brown 1989 Volume 7, Number 2 Infertility; Edited by R. Edelmann and E.M. Alder 1990 Volume 8, Number 2 Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Childbearing; Edited by F. Margison 1991 Volume 9, Numbers 2/3 Day Care for Young Children; Edited by E. Melhuish and D. Wolke 1991 Volume 9, Number 4 Family Planning and Reproductive Decisions; Edited by A. Walker and E. McNeill 1992 Volume 10, Number 2 The Menstrual Cycle; Edited by P. Warner and A. Walker 1993 Volume 11, Number 1 Psychological Aspects of Fetal Screening and the New Genetics; Edited by J.M. Green and M.P.M. Richards 1994 Volume 12, Number 1 Understanding the Experience and Emotional Consequences of Miscarriage; Edited by P. Slade and R. Cecil 1994 Volume 12, Number 3 Ethics at the Beginning of Life; Edited by J. Singleton and R. Drewett 1995 Volume 13, Number 2 The Menopause; Edited by M.S. Hunter and E.M. Alder 1996 Volume 14, Number 3 Longitudinal Studies of Early Development; Edited A. Slater and N. Marlow Special issues are available at a special rate, please contact the Publisher for details. Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology The Society provides a forum for discussion for the many disciplines and specialities which have an interest in this subject. Through its Journal, its Annual Conference and other special conferences, workshops and seminars, the Society brings together the work, theoretical formulations and findings which would otherwise be dispersed widely. Members of SRIP receive a subscription to the Journal as part of their membership. For further details contact: P. Warner Membership Secretary SRIP Department of Public Health Sciences University of Edinburgh Edinburgh EH8 9AG UK.
Journal of Social Issues ISSN: 0022-4537
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Full Text: 1996-06-01 - 12 months ago
Published for The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) the Journal of Social Issues brings behavioral and social science theory empirical evidence and practice to bear on human and social problems. Each issue of the journal focuses on a single topic - ranging from experiences of poor women to social issues and the internet and from hate crimes to housing - with invited contributions from leading scholars who communicate the latest scientific findings accurately and accessibly. From 2001 subscription to Journal of Social Issues also includes a full subscription to SPSSI's new e-journal: Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy ( ASAP ) Edited by Rhoda Unger. ASAP is an outlet for timely and innovative psychological and related social science scholarship with explicit implications for social action and policy. It provides a place for reports about innovative work and discussions of alternative approaches to a variety of important and current social problems. By encouraging timely publication of well-written professionally reviewed work it facilitates communication between social science researchers and policy makers as well as with the public as a whole. This electronic journal will publish up to 20 articles in 2001 and an archival print version of the annual collection will also be provided to all SPSSI members and paid subscribers to Journal of Social Issues and Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy . JSI Sample Issues: Social Science Perspectives on Tobacco Policy Bryan Gibson The Significance of Gender: Theory and Research About Difference Jacquelyn Boone James The O. J. Simpson Trial: Research and Theory on the Dynamics of Ethnicity Gloria Cowan and Halford Fairchild Transforming Psychology: Interpretive and Participatory Research Methods Matry-Brydon-Miller and Deborah L. Tolman Experts in the Service of Social Reform: SPSSI Psychology and Society 1936-1996 Benjamin Harris and Ian A. M. Nicholson Thriving: Broadening the Paradigm Beyond Illness to Health Jeanette R. Ickovics and Crystal L. Park Political Development: Youth Growing Up in a Global Community Constance A. Flanagan and Lonnie R. Sherrod Understanding and Resolving National and International Group Conflict Michele G. Alexander and Shana Levin.
Journal of Sport Behavior ISSN: 0162-7341
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Full Text: 1990-03-01 - present
Classification: Sports; Sports -- Psychological aspects; United States Sports Academy.
Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior ISSN: 0022-5002
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Full Text: 1996 - 9 months ago (v66 - )
The Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior is a psychology journal primarily for the original publication of experiments relevant to the behavior of individual organisms.
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences ISSN: 0022-5061
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Full Text: 1989-01-01 - 12 months ago
The Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences is a quarterly peer-reviewed international journal devoted to the scientific technical institutional and cultural history of the social and behavioral sciences. The journal publishes research articles book reviews and news and notes that cover the development of the core disciplines of psychology anthropology sociology psychiatry and psychoanalysis economics linguistics communications political science and the neurosciences. The journal also welcomes papers and book reviews in related fields particularly the history of science and medicine historical theory and historiography.
Journal of Youth Studies ISSN: 1367-6261
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Full Text: 1998-02-01 - 12 months ago
Journal of Youth Studies is an international scholarly journal devoted to a theoretical and empirical understanding of young people's experiences and life contexts. Over the last decade, changing socio-economic circumstances have had important implications for young people: new opportunities have been created, but the risks of marginalisation and exclusion have also become significant. This is the background against which Journal of Youth Studies has been launched, with the aim of becoming the key multidisciplinary journal for academics with interests relating to youth and adolescence. Journal of Youth Studies is focused upon young people within a range of contexts, such as education, the labour market and the family, and highlights key research themes such as the construction of identity, the use of leisure time, involvement in crime, consumption and political behaviour. The journal particularly encourages the submission of behaviour. The journal particularly encourages the submission of articles which highlight interconnections bewteen the different spheres of young people's lives (such the transition from school to work) and articles which offer a critical perspective on social policies which affect young people. Journal of Youth Studies brings together social scientists working in a range of disciplines. These include sociology, psychology, education, social policy, political science, economics, anthropology and social geography.
Laterality ISSN: 1357-650X
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Full Text: 1996-03-01 - 12 months ago
This journal publishes high quality research concerned with all aspects of lateralisation. Laterality's principal interest is in the psychological, behavioural and neurological correlates of lateralisation. It is also willing to publish accessible papers from any discipline which can illuminate the general problems of the evolution of biological and neural asymmetry, or on the cultural, linguistic, artistic and social consequences of lateral asymmetry, or on its historical origins and development. The interests of workers in laterality are typically broad, and inter-disciplinary work, either empirical or theoretical, or concerned with problems of measurement or statistical analysis, will therefore also be encouraged. The journal publishes special issues on particular topics. The first issue of Laterality was published in March 1996. Four issues are published every year.
Mental Health, Religion & Culture ISSN: 1367-4676
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Full Text: 1998-05-01 - 12 months ago
Mental Health, Religion & Culture provides a forum and a single point of reference for the growing number of professionals and academics working in the expanding field of mental health and religion. The journal publishes empirically-based work which explores the relationships between mental health and aspects of religion and culture, and discusses conceptual and philosophical aspects. Contributions are encouraged from a range of disciplines including: psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, sociology and other social sciences, philosophy, theology and religious studies, community and social work, counselling and pastoral work. Published papers include clinical and other case material, observational and interview material, survey, questionnaire, psychometric and other quantified data. There is also scope for scholarly review and presentation of historical material, religious texts and other textual material. Systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and theoretical and philosophical analysis are welcomed. Topics covered include: When and how do religious behaviours become psychiatric symptoms? Cultural variations in psychiatric disease entities: religious influences Religious coping methods and their efficacy Religious healing and mental disorders and their efficacy Religious activities and child-rearing practices and their mental health consequences Religiously-influenced beliefs about the causes of mental disorders Religious group incorporation (conversion) and exiting: mental health consequences Religious aspects of identity and relations with mental health Religious issues in psychotherapy, psychiatry and clinical psychology The role of religious personnel in the multi-disciplinary mental health team.
Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews ISSN: 1080-4013
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Full Text: 1995-02-01 - 2007-11-01
The journal provides a focus for communication among neuroscientists geneticists neurodevelopmental pediatricians and behavioral scientists interested in clinical or basic science research in aspects of brain development and function. The journal is an international forum for the exchange of novel and significant information on broad aspects of developmental disabilties. The journal offers timely publication of scientific reviews as well as editorial commentaries and other items of general interest to its readers. As the field of developmental disabilities represents a multi-disciplinary research arena the reviews commentaries and other editorial text must be written in clear authoritative yet accessible and jargon-free prose. The journal is intended for scientists and clinical practitioners in such areas as clinical developmental and rehabilitation psychology; developmental neurobiology; human medical and molecular genetics; molecular biology; neurology; pediatrics; pharmacology; physical medicine and rehabilitation; and psychiatry. Each issue is topic­oriented. Future topics are listed in sufficient time to permit letters of inquiry about proposed articles. Although most articles are invited research reviews by leaders in the field unsolicited proposals will be considered.
Military Psychology ISSN: 0899-5605
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Full Text: 1989-03-01 - 12 months ago
Focusing on psychological research or practice in military environments, Military Psychology facilitates communication between researchers and practitioners by publishing original research that furthers scientific knowledge in the field. Filling the gap between the Department of Defense and civilian researchers, it publishes behavioral science research having military applications in clinical and health psychology, training and human factors, manpower and personnel, social and organizational systems, and testing and measurement.
Motivation & Emotion ISSN: 0146-7239
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Full Text: 1997-03-01 - 12 months ago
Motivation and Emotion publishes theoretical papers and original research reports of either a basic or applied nature from any area of psychology and behavioral science provided that the focus is on motivation and/or emotion. While the primary orientation of the journal is on human emotion and motivation animal studies are also published provided they are relevant to general motivation and/or emotion theory.
Neuropsychobiology ISSN: 0302-282X
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Full Text: 1998-01-01 - 12 months ago
The biological approach to mental disorders continues to yield innovative findings of immense clinical importance. In four separately edited but closely related sections, this journal facilitates immediate comparison of data resulting from various experimental and clinical approaches. It features original and fundamental data on the relationship between neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, genetics and between normal and abnormal behavior. The reader will also find pharmacoelectroencephalographic studies and extensive information on how psychotropic compounds affect both normal and abnormal psychologic states. Regular reviews report new methodologic approaches. ëNeuropsychobiologyí is a complete record of strategies and methodologies employed to study mental functions.
New Review of Information & Library Research ISSN: 1361-455X
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Full Text: 2003-12-01 - 2003-12-01
The New Review of Information and Library Research, published biannually, is designed specifically for information professionals around the world who need to know how contemporary information research is shaping present and future information and library services. The rapid growth of interest in information management and information technology, sometimes categorised as knowledge management, increases the necessity of staying abreast of current research and development in the information sector. The scope of The New Review of Information and Library Research is comprehensive: information and library systems and their users; information technology; man-machine interfaces; the architecture and environment of systems; information design; media and communication studies; freedom of information; copyright; socio-legal and political aspects of information; trans-national information flow; the economics of information and information services; artificial intelligence; knowledge-based systems; information management; classification and indexing; information retrieval; traditional and innovative service delivery; general theory; research methodology; statistical analysis and bibliometrics; the information workforce; human resources information systems; organizational and behavioural aspects of information systems; management information systems; the psychology of information; policy-making strategy and forecasting; the management of change; technological innovation studies; subject-based studies of information and communication; education and training; public relations; the marketing of systems and services and information and user education.
Pastoral Psychology ISSN: 0031-2789
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Full Text: 1997-09-01 - 12 months ago
Pastoral Psychology sponsored by the Princeton Theological Seminary brings the best of psychological and behavioral science research into relation and dialogue with the work of the ministry. Distinguished contributors thoughtfully examine and discuss pastoral counseling along with other dimensions of the profession and the changing contours of the field.
Personality and Social Psychology Review ISSN: 1088-8683
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Full Text: 1999 - present (v3 i1 - )
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Full Text: 1997-01-01 - 2006-12-31
Personality and Social Psychology Review is the premiere outlet for original theoretical papers and conceptual review articles in all areas of personality and social psychology. In the pages of PSPR, you will find stimulating conceptual pieces that identify exciting new directions for research on the psychological underpinnings of human individuality and social functioning, as well as comprehensive review papers that provide new, integrative frameworks for existing theory and research programs.
Political Behavior ISSN: 0190-9320
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Full Text: 1997-03-01 - 12 months ago
Political Behavior publishes original research in the general fields of political behavior institutions processes and policies. Approaches include economic (preference structuring bargaining) psychological (attitude formation and change motivations perceptions) sociological (roles group class) or political (decision making coalitions influence). Articles focus on the political behavior (conventional or unconventional) of the individual person or small group (microanalysis) or of large organizations that participate in the political process such as parties interest groups political action committees governmental agencies and mass media (macroanalysis). As an interdisciplinary journal Political Behavior integrates various approaches across different levels of theoretical abstraction and empirical domain (contextual analysis). Submissions should be sent to the new Political Behavior address: Department of Political Science 2140 Derby Hall 154 N. Oval Mall The Ohio State University Columbus OH 43210-1373.
Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments ISSN: 1054-7460
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Full Text: 1997-02-01 - 12 months ago
Presence is the first quarterly for serious investigators of teleoperators and virtual environments. Filled with stimulating research and innovative designs, Presence provides a multidisciplinary forum open to anyone interested in learning about these advanced electromechanical and computer devices. Readers of the journal include mechanical and electrical engineers concerned primarily with teleoperators; computer scientists, high-tech artists, and media people concerned primarily with virtual environments; and psychologists concerned primarily with human-machine interfaces and with sensorimotor and cognitive behavior.
Psychological Science (Wiley-Blackwell) ISSN: 0956-7976
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Full Text: 1990-01-01 - 2009-12-01
Psychological Science, the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science, is a leader in the field of psychology, with a citation ranking/impact factor that consistently places it in the top 10 psychology journals worldwide. The journal publishes cutting-edge research articles, short reports, and research reports spanning the entire spectrum of the science of psychology. This journal is the source for the latest findings in cognitive, social, developmental, and health psychology, as well as behavioral neuroscience and biopsychology. Psychological Science routinely features studies employing novel research methodologies and the newest, most innovative techniques of analysis.
Psychology & Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice ISSN: 1476-0835
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Full Text: 2002-03-01 - 12 months ago
Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice (formerly The British Journal of Medical Psychology) is an international journal with a focus on the psychological aspects of mental health, psychological problems and their psychotherapeutic treatments. Its aim has been to bring together the psychiatric and psychological disciplines and this is reflected in the composition of the Editorial Team. Nevertheless we welcome submissions from mental health professionals and researchers from all relevant professional backgrounds. The traditional orientation of the Journal has been towards psychodynamic and interpersonal approaches, which have defined its core identity, but we now additionally welcome submissions of original theoretical and research-based papers of any theoretical provenance provided they have a bearing upon vulnerability to, adjustment to, assessment of, and recovery (assisted or otherwise) from psychological disorders. The Journal thus aims to promote theoretical and research developments in the fields of subjective psychological states and dispositions, interpersonal attitudes, behaviour and relationships and psychological therapies (including both process and outcome research) where mental health is concerned. Submission of systematic reviews and other research reports which support evidence-based practice is also welcomed. Clinical or case studies will be considered only if they illustrate particularly unusual forms of psychopathology or innovative forms of therapy which carry important theoretical implications.
Psychology, Evolution & Gender ISSN: 1461-6661
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Full Text: 1999-04-01 - 2002-12-01
This new journal breaks fresh academic ground, with its incisive and critical standpoint towards the evolution of 'gendered' behaviours and experiences, including gender roles, gender differences and gender relations. Psychology, Evolution & Gender aims to advance the application of psychological knowledge at its interface with gender through developing critical perspectives on traditional psychology. It seeks to challenge the academic impasse that stifles debate between feminist psychologists and evolutionary psychologists. The journal stimulates discussion between psychology and other related disciplines, drawing on social, constructionist and biological psychology standpoints. It also energises debate between academics and practitioners concerned with gendered differences and behaviours, from both feminist and evolutionary perspectives. Topics covered include- The medicalisation of gender Women, biology and the legal system Women and sport Evolutionary and feminist understandings of patriarchy The gendered body The myth of the material instinct Tthe trouble with fathers Sexual behaviours Gender and health Gender and the expression of emotions Psychology, Evolution & Gender includes contributions from cognitive, evolutionary, developmental, biological, social and feminist psychology research and scholarship. It also welcomes contributions from practitioners in occupational, clinical, health, educational, counselling and psychotherapeutic psychology, and from those in associated disciplines. Each issue is fully peer refereed and contains academic papers, commentaries, and book and journal reviews. Discontinued - now Sexualities, Evolution & Gender.
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